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Careers in Healthcare Information Technology

Health information technology employs professionals and technicians that are responsible for organizing a patient’s medical record. It is a tedious process that involves verification, identification and follow up that shows a patient’s progress record.

The professionals ensure that all forms are completed and signed. The users of health information technology must regularly communicate with physicians to ensure accuracy. Use of health information technology is necessary to manage your personal health information and an important part of improving the healthcare system. You and your physician can better manage health care by improving communication methods and maintenance of your health information.

Health information technology has brought in use of computers and other electronic devices that has facilitated the process between doctor and patients. It has made it easier to store, share and access your health information. This automation process has been widely termed at Health IT. Furthermore I will be discussing usefulness of health information technology. It may be beneficial for following;

- Green environment, reducing paper work by eliminating the need for handwritten medical records
Reduction in medical errors, information shall be transmitted electronically rather than copying of doctor’s handwriting that may result in errors.

- Improvement in quality of healthcare services, decreasing medical errors and assuring that all physicians have accurate and timely information.

Health information technology has many other uses throughout the healthcare system. It may grow in a shorter span of time when more physicians use electronic health records and electronic prescribing.

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