Medical Assistant Certification and School Accreditation

Medical assistants are professionals responsible for running a doctor’s clinic or other health-care facilities smoothly. Few of the main duties they perform consist of taking patients’ vital signs, maintain medical or billing records at the medical facility, performing administrative task for the clinic, and many others.

According to a report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the professionals in the medical assisting field will enjoy both higher salaries and increased growth chances in the coming few years. But these benefits may not reach to all the medical assistant professionals as more and more employers are favoring the candidates who have a certification status in addition to their professional qualification. For this reason alone, medical assistant certification and school accreditation programs are experiencing a rise.

With great benefits attached to certified medical assistant programs, it is important to know that the certification program you are going for is fully and authentically accredited or not. There are two main accreditation agencies for medical assistant certification: the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) and the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES). Make sure that the program or certification you are going for is accredited by one of these two.

Medical assistant qualification can be earned two ways. Keeping your career aspirations in mind, you can either choose a certification program or go for an associate degree. The benefit of selecting the certification program is its low cost and short duration. Compared to associate degree’s two or three years study programs, you can complete your certification program online within a year. After successful completion, you can take the certification test with any of the above mentioned medical assistant certification and school accreditation agencies.

The courses offered in medical assistant online certification programs normally cover areas like medical terminologies, medical office management, anatomy and physiology and clinical and laboratory procedures, among many others. You can also get the knowledge of this work through on-the-job training but without an academic qualification, you won’t hold much ground when it’ll come to growth opportunities or higher salaries.

If financial or other constraints are restricting you to join a traditional academic education, an online learning program might prove useful to you. In addition to being economic, it is also a more flexible and convenient way of earning a professional education. Due to its flexibility and self-paced mode of learning, it is a great choice among working professionals. If you are an experienced medical assistant who is facing the brunt of not having the formal degree to back your knowledge, an online medical assistant certification program will work wonders for you; both financially and professionally.

We hope through this article we were able to point out few advantages of medical assistant certification and school accreditation options. We hope this makes your career choices easy and informed for you.


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