Online Medical Assistant Diploma and Certificate Programs in Washington DC

Healthcare is one of the fastest growing industries in the U.S. requiring medical assistants and other trained personnel. If you are interested in a worthwhile career, you need to enroll in a university that offers Online Medical Assistant Diploma and Certificate Programs in Washington DC. The program is comprehensive, yet quite simple.

The diploma prepares you for an extraordinary role on a healthcare team. You learn some important tasks like working closely with physicians in examination rooms, taking and measuring vital signs, keeping charts updated, managing front office duties, performing laboratory tests and you also learn how to draw blood for testing in the laboratory.

After earning the diploma you will find employment in medical clinics, pharmacies, hospitals and medical laboratories. Most online universities teach medical administration, anatomy and laboratory procedures. After completing the program and an internship you can find employment at entry level in many settings.

With online medical assistant diploma and certificate programs in Washington DC, you will be able to gain clinical instructions, lectures and practical application to make students feel at ease with their newfound skills. The sequence of courses emphasizes a combination of medical theory and hands-on applications to enable graduates to successfully perform under the direction of doctors.

The Medical Assistant Diploma program can be completed in 15 months. Specific practical skills and knowledge is given to students which they will find useful in their workplace. Medical assistants with the appropriate skills are becoming increasingly important as technology enables mobile clinics to provide medical care with the objective of keeping costs to a minimum.

Medical assistants, after obtaining online medical assistant diploma and certificate programs in Washington DC are given excellent health benefits and have a positive job outlook. The annual salary for a medical assistant is usually $30,000/- or more depending on experience and place of employment. With experience and specialized training, medical assistants could become office mangers or train for some specialty in the healthcare sector.

Most universities are accredited by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education which means that graduates are eligible to appear for the Certified Medical Assistant Exam administered by the American Medical Technological Association. For this exam applicants must complete 720 hours of training and a clinical externship of at least 160 hours.

You can get started on your career path as a medical assistant by locating a school which is most suitable for you. Online programs, courses are implemented via web-based videos. Due to the physical nature of a medical assistant’s work, many colleges recommend that hands-on practice be done at a setting suggested by the college, because the hands-on tasks cannot be taught online. The program contains medical training, anatomy, and other administrative tasks.


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