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Keiser University

- Associate of Science in Medical Assisting Science

- Associate of Science in Medical Administrative Billing and Coding

Platt College

- Veterinary Technology - Associates

- Veterinary Technology Alternate Route - Certificate

- Respiratory Therapy

Medical Assistant Career

Medical assistants basically have administrative responsibilities and they perform clinical tasks. Medical assisting involves the keeping of offices of physicians, chiropractors and other medical or health practitioners running accordingly and smoothly. The responsibilities that involve medical assisting vary from office to office, depending on the kind of practitioner and his specialty.

There are 3 types of tasks that medical assistants perform. Administrative which involves the medical assistant to update and record files of various patients’ medical history and record. Clinical medical assisting involves the assistant to do common tasks such as taking medical histories and recording vital signs of the patients in the clinic. They explain treatment procedures and prepare patients for various examinations.

Ophthalmic medical assistant are given specialized duties, these assistants are required to be specialized in their field.

According to a research in America, it was shown that in both the inpatient and outpatient facilities 11 percent of medical assistants worked in offices of other practitioners. The remainder worked in various other healthcare industries such as outpatient care centers. The scope and demand of medical assisting is a large one if you are a job seeker. Medical assistants account for a very significant portion of new jobs and many other opportunities are sure to arise from the need to replace medical assistants who have left the occupation.

It was recorded that in this field the average earnings of a medical assistant, which of course depends on their experience and skill level in 2008 was $28,300.

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