Oklahoma Accredited Online RN Programs

Distance learning is becomingly increasingly popular with students, and to become a licensed practical nurse Oklahoma accredited online RN programs, can come mighty handy. Thus enrolling in the right distance learning program is essential for your future career. These programs offer complete distance learning options for nurses with extremely busy schedules.

Programs offering courses for Licensed Practical Nursing to Bachelor of Science in nursing degrees require 9 months of study for completion. These programs usually include clinical placements for distance learners.

To know Oklahoma accredited online RN programs, you need to contact several schools because schools can be different in terms of cost, admission requirements and other characteristics, and the best way to get value for money and also a program that suits you, it is advisable to shop around.

Some universities also offer a non-clinical accredited program for LPN to BSN which prepares students for registered nursing examinations with competency units which are different from credit hours because they have competency tests throughout the program, and take around 18 months to complete.

Oklahoma needs nurses, and registered nurses are listed at the top of the list of occupations with the most openings. With more than 40 schools spread across the state, Oklahoma has a great educational system, low tuition rates, and competitive hospital/nursing environment indicates that registered nurses are treated well and valued greatly.

For Oklahoma accredited online RN programs advantages offered to students are; no admission or placement tests, math or science course is not a pre-requisite, you can be a registered nurse within 9 months, innovative online general courses available, including very competitive prices. Requirements for admission are; 2.5 GPA RN license, associate degree or diploma in nursing for a nationally accredited nursing program and a TOEFL score of 550 or higher if English is not the mother tongue.

Degree programs include instructions in: Adult care, Anatomy, Family care, Geriatrics, IV therapy, Neonatal nutrition, Pediatrics, Pharmacology, Physiology, Psychiatric/mental health, Radiology, surgery and much more. Thousands of working students earn degrees every year, because of flexible class schedules and ongoing enrollment which means that students can start their degree anytime that is convenient for them.

Online RN programs in Oklahoma are designed with working professionals and rural based nurses in mind. The programs are very flexible, enabling working nurses to progress up the nursing ladder with the least possible impact on their current position, working schedule and family responsibilities. Clinical requirements are arranged with an advisor, and efforts are made to arrange clinical sites convenient for the student. It is predicted that there will be a 20% growth for job openings for registered nurses.


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