Online Accredited Courses In Orthomolecular Medicine

Orthomolecular medicine, as described by Linus Pauling, is the intake of right nutritional molecules in the right amount to treat an individual. It is a branch of alternative medicine and believes and practices the concept of balanced and optimized dietary intakes as means to healthy lifestyle, disease prevention and even cure.

As the field of alternative medicine is being re-discovered and benefits of a balanced and natural lifestyle are being realized, orthomolecular medicine is slowly growing as an occupation. A growing number of MDs and medical students are trying to be familiarized with orthomolecular medicine to incorporate natural methods of healing with conventional medicines to help their patients better and also broaden their horizons.


Sensing this growth, few traditional universities and a large number of online schools have started diploma and certification programs right through to the doctorate level of online accredited courses in orthomolecular medicine.

A great advantage of studying this course online is that as a working professional you will not be asked to force to sacrifice your job responsibilities to attend regular classes in a traditional setting. Especially if you are a healthcare professional, this online course gives you the flexibility to study when it is most convenient for you. Online education is also very economic and will not be a burden to you.

The online courses offered in orthomolecular medicine include holistic nutrition, nutrition cardiology, fundamentals of biochemistry, nutrition and aging, nutrition research, anatomy and physiology, digestive system and a whole lot more. These courses are meant to equip the student with a complete understanding of the orthomolecular medicine concept, the challenges they will face as orthomolecular medicine practitioner and how to prescribe the most optimized and appropriate dietary intake for them keeping their lifestyle choices and individual biochemistry in mind.

There are different accreditation bodies like Examination Board of Natural Medicine Practitioner, International Board of Orthomolecular Medicine and International Society for Orthomolecular Medicine that offer registration and licensing for orthomolecular medicine practitioners. After finishing your online accredited course in orthomolecular medicine, you are eligible to apply for your registration through any of these institutes.

Individualistic approach is very necessary to succeed in this field. Some patients will get better only by balanced dietary intakes. There will be some on whom only the conventional medicine will work, due to different factors. And then there will be patients who will need a bond of both to help prevent or cure their disease. Make sure you are able to make such decisions always.

We hope your chosen online accredited course in orthomolecular medicine will make you such a professional and you can create the same balance in your practice that you advocate be created in people’s lifestyle and eating habits.


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